Frequently Asked Questions

Can we meet you before hand?

It is essential to meet before you book and before the wedding to confirm all of the arrangements and timings

Which areas do you cover?

I live in the North East of England, but I have clients all over the UK including London, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Wales. I also have clients in Dubai and India. I am happy to travel.

We do not live near you, how do we meet?

Skype is a method I use to meet with clients all over the UK, or those a distance from me

Are your prices complete?

Yes they are, unless you request additional time, services or extensive travel

Is the booking fee in addition to the package fee?

No it isn't, the booking fee comes off your balance for the package

When is the balance due?

At least two weeks before the wedding

Can we pay by credit card?

Yes, either in person or via PayPal

Who will photograph our wedding?

Robert photographs all of the weddings, for weddings longer than five hours there may be an assistant too. Robert has 30+ years of experience as a wedding photographer

What equipment do you use?

I use Nikon mainly, I also have backup camera and lenses. All cameras use 2 cards, so in the event of a failure I still have your images. I aslo bring lighting gear. This is needed if its dark, or its raining and we have to use inside. A photographer that claims not to use lighting because its not as good does not know how to use it so you are stuck with whatever nature gives you on the day, or the flourescents in the hotel.

Are you insured?

Yes, we hold, Public Liability, Employers, Professional Indemnity and Equipment insurance. Any one who does not hold all of these should not be photographing professionally

Have you ever missed a wedding?

Never once in 30+ years, I have excellent substitutes that can step in, if you do not want the substitute all of your moneies will be returned in full

How long does it take to get our photographs delivered?

Generally within two weeks or when you return from honeymoon if that is later

Can we print off our images from the disc, are they copyright free?

You are provided with a licence to print the images, copyright is always retained by the photographer

Are the images edited?

Yes they are edited to remove the ones that have closed eyes, duplicates etc plus they are edited to ensure that they are of a consistent colour and are the best possible. We use professional image editors. All images on the disc are edited by experienced picture editors

Can we select the images for our album?

Yes you do. It is all done online. I cannot understand photographers who do not allow this

Our package includes an album, is there a choice of colour and style?

Yes of course there is a choice. Queensberry are the highest quality albums in te world, you will be able to select from a choice of materials styles and colours

Do you have sample albums we can see and touch?

Yes we do, there are currently 10

How long does our album take to be completed and finished?

Once you have authorised a design and the page layouts, this can take a while depending on how many changes you wish to the design,  between 2 and 6 weeks depending upon how busy the supplier is. The months before Christamas are especially busy for them. All albums are handmade

Do you select the start and finish time of the photogaphy?

You will select the times that we attend. For example, when you book 10 hour package, if we start at 10 am we will finish at 8pm. If we start at noon we will finish at 10pm

Do you do same sex weddings?

Of course

We didn't request an album at the time of our wedding, can we order one afterwards?

"Files only" packages do not have any printed albums, prints or books supplied. We can quote for an album after the wedding, we can do this for weddings that we did not photograph too. These are available from £150

We are an approved supplier by all of the major album manufacturers, including Album Epoca, GraphiStudio and Queensberry.

Do you have a recomended lab to print our images? 

To print your images, we recommend printing your images at  This is a professional first class local lab providing perfect printing